"The emotion of living": we realize your fantasy by signing the most unthinkable walls and corners of your home

I'm Annalisa Girlanda and I was born in the province of Verona, where I live and work.

My workshop is called "Bottega d'Arte Benaco" and takes its name from Lake Garda, my true source of inspiration and creative muse, which I pour every day into the passion for my business.

I realize, in collaboration with my husband, the paintings that we then use to reproduce the subjects on the most varied types of support: from jute bags to ceramics, from terracotta to wood, from cardboard to canvas. We also produce, on request, personalized favors for the most important ceremonies of your life: weddings, anniversaries, communions and baptisms.

Our strength is the ability to blend colors on paintings and real objects, enhancing them harmoniously, preserving the beauty and brightness of colors, their balance and their nuances. Italianness is definitely another of our strengths that faithfully testify the quality and history of traditions of Italian craftsmanship and artistic work.

Our team

Annalisa Girlanda

Gianfranco Trigale Painter Artist


The triumph of colors

A critical judgment. I examined with pleasure "The triumph of colors" of the works chosen by the experts of the Bottega d'Arte Benaco, intended to be reproduced with this innovative technique called "oleography", in unique pieces or as multiples, in order to give to all the possibility to hang on their walls or to place on their furniture the incredible artistic achievements totally handmade and especially performed in Italy at the laboratories of the Bottega d'Arte Benaco, which can be admired at the exhibition hall of Lazise, together to the original works of the Artists who collaborate with this institution, all in that wonderful context that Lake Garda can offer. A parade of true painting, of big names in traditional verist art. We are not alone in front of a vast assortment of this school, which will satisfy all the needs of the lovers, but also to some of its greatest exponents. A proposal destined to the sure success, to which the "artistic inventions" of the Bottega d'Arte Benaco have accustomed us: this organization over the years has contributed with valuable pieces to the formation of the best Italian collections and today completes the artistic panorama that will cheer the your homes, make your weddings, communion, confirmations and baptisms of your children unique, with a wide range of wedding favors and various objects, harmonize the dining rooms and the rooms of the hotels where tourists can admire the beauty of the Italian art during their stay, and again for the companies that will pay tributes to Easter and Christmas for their clientele and collaborators. A work of art denotes a refined taste in the person who receives it and an exquisite sensitivity in those who give it. So it is also for those who beautify their home, their restaurant or the rooms of a hotel, with artistic works of the Bottega d'Arte Benaco. Congratulations to those who want to check how briefly commented in this presentation.
Franco Nicola Amenduni

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